When I wish to impress my guests with my cooking, or I just need an excuse to enjoy a good Champagne wine and have a fancy at home dinner with my wife, I prepare this impressive seafood pasta dish.

Here I combine the tasty flavour of a creamy lobster bisque, reduced to a rich sauce, with the summer taste of a Florida wild caught prawn and the sweetness of the summer peas; all together with a homemade thick cut spaghetti, it becomes an unforgettable comfort food seafood dish.


Ingredients for 2 people:

1 Lb fresh pasta of choice

1 cup sweet peas

1 Lb peeled shrimps

1 tsp butter

Lobster bisque sauce (as shown below)

 For the lobster bisque:

1 full lobster shell (or 2 tails shells)

2 cups cream 18%

1 onion sliced

1 tomato quartered

1 tbsp butter

1/4 cup white wine

1/4 cup brandy (or substitute using white wine for 1/2 cup total)

Few saffron threads

1 tsp corn starch dissolved in 1 tbsp of cold water (or any other starch preferred)

Salt & pepper to taste



Make the bisque, also can be done ahead of time; in a large pot, on a medium heat melt the butter and add the onions to cook till translucent, add the tomato and the shells.

Pour the wine and the brandy (or the wine in full), let it evaporate.

Add the cream and bring it to a simmer. Add the saffron and let it reduce to 1/3 of the liquid.

Once reduced, strain the sauce by keeping the liquid only and put it back on the heat, bring it to a simmer again and add the cornstarch and let it thicken. Add salt and pepper to taste.


To prepare the dish, start by melting the 1 tsp of butter in a frying pan and sautée the shrimps till cooked seasoning them with salt and pepper. Add the sweet peas and cook all together.

In the meantime, cook the pasta boiling salted water.

Add the lobster bisque sauce to the pan with the shrimps and peas, drain the cooked pasta and toss it with the shrimp sauce. Cook together for few minutes.



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