Who doesn’t know and like Sicilian Cannoli? Such a recognition brand from the Old Country of Italy and Sicily in specific.

This recipe will show you how easy is to make such a party catcher finger food to easily impress your guests, and of course for your own pleasure…


For the cannoli shell:

2/3cup all-purpose flour with 1tsp corn starch

1tbsp granulated sugar

1tbsp butter room temperature

1/2 cup milk

1 egg

1tsp Marsala wine (optional)

oil for frying

1 egg for egg wash (optional)

cannoli making metallic tubes

For the filling:

1Lb fresh ricotta with 1tbsp milk

1/2 cup granulated sugar,

optional: 1tbsp candied lemon and orange peel, 1tsp chocolate chips, 1tbsp pistachios pieces

Garnish (optional):

Maraschino cherries, chocolate crumble, pistachio crumble, icing sugar

Prepare the dough for the shell by combining all the dry ingredients and then adding the liquid ingredients minus the egg. Mix and kneed all together until you have a smooth dough and then let it rest for 1hr covered with a cloth. You will get a dough similar to a fresh pasta dough. Add more milk if needed to make it softer and smoother.

Once you’re ready, flatten the dough with a rolling pin or pasta machine, sprinkle some flour if the dough is sticky, and cut squares or 1 inch by 1 inch in size.

Roll the dough squares by their corners around the metallic tubes to make the cannoli or use any similar tool to make the shape (the grandmothers in Sicily often used a broom stick!).

Seal the squares and brush a bit of egg wash on each of them, fry till golden brown. I have 6 tubes and then make 6 at the time.

Let them cool down to release the shells easily.

To make the filling, mix the fresh ricotta with the sugar, the milk and the “condiments” of your choice: candied peel, chocolate chips, pistachios pieces, etc.

I personally love adding all of them and also mixing in it a bit of vanilla or orange extract.

Once you have all the ingredients ready, fill the cannoli shell with the ricotta mixture. I sue a pastry bag and a spoon would work well too.

If you desire, top the edges of the cannoli with the maraschino cherries, the chocolate crumble, the pistachios crumble. Then sprinkle icing sugar on top.


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