Another favourite! This is really to “spruce up” your classic vanilla ice-cream with the bite of good quality frozen chocolate pieces. Ingredients 185ml (2/3 cup) heavy cream 35% 340ml (1+1/3 cup) whole milk 90gr (6 tbsp) white sugar 5gr (1 tsp) vanilla… Read More

I grew up eating this flavour of ice-cream with its golden yellow colour, paired with the chocolate and the pistachio flavours, and making it (and eating it) brought back delicious memories of my childhood! This is like making a pastry custard cream… Read More

Another new favourite for me! Using the same base of my raspberry gelato, I simply substitute the berries and add a bit more sugar as the blackberries tend to be more tart. The result is a flavourful sorbet-like mixture that fills your… Read More

This summer I have been attracted by the blooming of various berries; I have to admit that the raspberries, that have been growing locally, are my favourites. This ice-cream is so refreshing and sweet that will make you want to have more… Read More

Here is another favourite: pistachio gelato ice cream! My mom gave me an awesome jar of pure pistachio paste from the Sicilian island of Bronte, in Italy, where they grow the best pistachio nuts in the world! May be the sunny volcanic… Read More

This is another favourite of mine (and my kid, of course!) The base contains eggs, that is pretty much a chocolate cream mixture that will become a decadent, soft, rich chocolate ice-cream. I used a semi-sweet chocolate for this recipe, which turned… Read More

I was gifted an Artisan mixer and right away bought a ice cream maker attachment, so nice! I started going a bit “ice-cream-making-crazy” and made several different flavours, and having gained good experience with trial and errors, I now master them all! I… Read More