Tagliatelle “Paglia & Fieno”, Hay and Straw, with Bolognese tomato meat sauce

Her food highness: LASAGNA!

Spaghetti in lobster bisque, prawns and sweet peas

Spinach pasta “mezzelune” moon halves, goat cheese, speck, asparagus and walnut

Easy recipe for Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Raviolo Aperto: a tribute to Italian Gran Chef Gualtiero Marchesi

Tri-colour “cappelletti” style tortellini with burrata filling and tomato “crudo di pomodoro”

Classic Italian tiramisu with a twist!

Trifled Strawberry Tiramisu

Chocolate Rum slice, vegan dessert

Frittata rolls and tuna mousse

Italian style sushi

Focaccia and smoked salmon

Grilled panettone, sweet wine sabayon, blackberry sauce

Gluten free lemon “Caprese” cake

Spinach pasta “mezzelune” moon halves, goat cheese, speck, asparagus and walnut

Classic Italian “Torta Pasqualina”

Savoury Italian herb and olive oil crostata pie with red onion, grilled eggplant, aged cheddar

Cannoli Siciliani

Cheesy focaccia “di Recco”

Lobster “Catalunya” style or also known as “Astice alla Catalana”

Best appetizer: Oyster “Rockefeller”

Risotto and Strawberry

Risotto asparagus and gorgonzola cheese

Risotto, radicchio and goat cheese

Chocolate Strawberry Pizza

Classic Italian “Torta Pasqualina”

Zucchini blossom, stuffed with mozzarella and fried to perfect golden color

No bake yogurt pie with rhubarb blackberry topping

Rhubarb and Cinnamon Apple Mascarpone Cheesecake with crumbled meringue cookies

Vanilla ice-cream “gelato”

Chocolate ice-cream “gelato”

Pistacchio ice-cream “gelato”

Raspberry ice-cream “gelato”

Blackberry ice-cream “gelato”

Custard ice-cream “gelato alla crema”

Vanilla and chocolate ice-cream “gelato alla Stracciatella”

Bacon, egg and asparagus tart

Savoury Buckwheat waffles with creamy scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and herb goat cheese

The best homemade mascarpone ever!

Homemade Ricotta cheese from milk

Make great pizza at home! Recipe and step-by-step video


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