Our products are made with local and imported premium ingredients, naturally produced without additives nor preservatives, using only non-GMO Italian extra virgin olive oil and Canadian extra virgin canola oil.

All the products are vegan, soy-free and nut-free.

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Apple cider & Dijon mustard vinaigrette


A blend of tangy Canadian apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive and canola oil, with the intensity of a great Dijon mustard, make this vinaigrette perfect for a gourmet salad dressing or brushed over grilled white meat and fish!

Sundried tomato pesto with pumpkin seed

sundried tomato pesto

Sweet sundried tomatoes, mixed with extra virgin olive and canola oil, and tender pumpkin seeds, make this pesto spread great to serve with a gourmet charcutrie plate or as a delicious pasta sauce!

Green olives tapenade with chilies

spicy green olive tapenade

Savoury green olives mixed with a tangy Canadian apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive and canola oil and ending with a delicate heat from dried chilies, make this tapenade a unique tasty sauce for gourmet charcutrie plates or brushed over grilled meat and fish!

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